So you want to give a gift of tea……

So you want to give a gift of tea to someone you care about?  Where do you begin?

  • Does this person use tea bags or prefer loose leaf tea?
  • Is caffeine an issue, does your tea drinker only drink herbal infusions or tisanes? (What is a tisane, anyway??)
  • Do they have a taste for green tea or is a black tea more to their liking?
  • Would they much rather have a tea blended with fruit, nuts, berries, even chocolate or would they snub their nose and select only single estate teas?
  • Is your gift recipient nearby or will your gift  need to be shipped?
  • You might ask yourself are some teas better than others?
  • How do you know if you are getting a good deal?
  • Is this a personal gift or a gift for a business client?

Once you find the answer to those questions, another array of questions present themselves…..

Have I found a reputable (tea) gift basket company? Will I be able to get my questions answered to my satisfaction? Will the gift I choose impress my tea drinker as much as it does me? For business, will the gift make the impact I anticipate?

When I started Tea Lover Gift Baskets, back in 2008, I had just returned from the World Tea Expo and was working towards completing the level two certification awarded by the Specialty Tea Institute. I had just seen (and tasted and held and drooled over) the newest and hottest tea and tea products. It was not difficult to bring (too) many of these things home and, with help, create beautiful tea gift basket designs.

What I was to learn, quickly, was that finding tea and tea products and creating fun tea gift basket designs was just part of my new job description. Here, I endeavor to share with you my journey. As I learned how to source the newest and hottest tea and tea gifts, mindfully selecting unique, re-useable containers as well as recycled or compostable packaging, and securely, cost effectively shipping (tea) gift baskets, I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.

Follow along with me and learn how to negotiate the myriad of (tea) gift basket providers. Know that you are selecting a quality (tea) gift basket, for the best price from a reputable company. Be sure your gift arrives timely as promised, with your sentiments clearly displayed.  A well selected (tea) gift basket will be a delightful surprise to those you care about and a strategic tool to impress business clients.

I create and sell tea gift baskets. Some of what I share can apply to other gift baskets. I indicated that information by putting tea in parenthesis (tea). Thank you.


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