Personalize a tea gift basket for a special hostess gift…


Beth was both surprised and delighted to receive this thoughtful gift. The gift was presented wrapped in a clear garbage bag, as Angela had to transport it safely on the train ride over to Beth’s house.

Angela is Beth’s friend so knows what she likes.  She chose a collectible basket lined with gingham to hold the other gifts. Angela blended an herbal tea, a simple blend of three ingredients, for Beth and presented it in a large canning jar.  Travel size facial products were included as well as a tea mug with a built in infuser. The highlight of the basket (besides the tea) was the box of Frango chocolates Angela had purchased at Macy’s.

Beth, our hostess, was not expecting a gift, knew it was not necessary. The gift made her feel special and appreciated – that her efforts had not gone un-noticed. Angela, the gift giver, was able to share part of herself and show her gratitude for Beth’s time and hospitality. Tea was the common denominator so a most appropriate gift.

The Let’s Go to Tea MeetUp group is sponsored, in part, by Tea Lover Gift and


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