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A unique DIY tea gift idea for children

A unique tea gift idea for children.  Author Laura Bartolucci recently introduced me to her new children’s book A Cozy House for Miss Mouse.  

Though Tea Lover Gift Baskets caters mostly to ‘grown up’ tea drinkers and those that care about them, I do have two granddaughters and a grandson who love tea and tea parties.  I’ll show you photos sometime….

She describes her book as a ‘charming tale set in the English cottage of Miss Ellie, a widow who finds a surprise visitor in her favorite teacup.  And because “a mouse in a teacup simply won’t do”, she must find the little creature a ‘cozy’ house of its own, which ends up being a mouse-sized tea cozy she knits herself.  Enchanting Illustrations  created by award-winning water colorist, Maris Shepherd.

Imagemouse puppet folkmanis

I found the book available in the usual book buying venues Amazon  and Books A Million.  You can buy the book from Ms.Bartolucci directly.  Her email address is

The St. James Tearooms’ Gift Shoppe has been selling a tea gift set featuring A Cozy House for Miss Mouse.  They paired the book with the teacup from the story (from Heirloom China, contact the author for more    information). A mouse finger puppet from Folkmanis peeks out from the teacup for an adorable presentation.

If you are in Albuquerque, NM, please stop at The St. James Tearoom, enjoy afternoon tea and take home A Cozy House for Miss Mouse tea gift set.  Then send me an email telling me all about  it.  Otherwise, like me, order the items separately and create your own gift set(s).  Personalize the ‘basket’ to whom  you will be giving the gift using a colorful box or cloth basket, something that can be used again.


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